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How Magnetic Reflex Insoles Work

What are magnetic reflex insoles?

When you happen to experience joint pain, perhaps due to incorrect posture held for too long, the situation can be resolved with the use of magnetic insoles. These insoles do not need a prescription, so they can be purchased by anyone who feels the need.

The magnetic insoles are made of breathable fabric and shock absorbing anti-stress gel. They have a length of 29 cm and therefore, they can be cut and customized to adapt to the size of any shoe. Magnetic components are integrated inside the insole, positioned in the points that foot reflexology indicates as useful for carrying out an effective relaxing action.

Magnetic reflex insoles come in handy whenever it is necessary to support the muscles and joints or when it is necessary to improve posture to put less weight on the back and ensure better mobility of the whole body.

The mechanism of magnetic reflex insoles function

The magnetic field technology present inside the insoles is able to provide continuous pressure on the nerve endings that are found under the sole of the foot. These magnets are of high power, in this way the self-massage performed will relieve any type of pain, stimulating regeneration. As for the anti-stress gel present within the structure of the insole, it is able to bring pleasant sensations of relief to the legs and back under stress, as well as relieving muscle or joint pain.

The magnetic insoles are very practical to slip into any type of shoe, they are washable and can be reused many times while keeping their beneficial properties intact.

When is it necessary to use magnetic insoles?

Magnetic insoles are indicated in cases where painful situations or soreness occur, even occasionally, affecting the joints. When the problem is not of a medical nature, but is due to poor posture or excessive stress and a medical diagnosis is not required, you can solve the situation simply by inserting magnetic insoles inside your shoes.

To make the indications for the use of magnetic soles more clear and understandable, we have summarized in a list all the eventualities during which they prove to be beneficial:

  • Soreness of the feet and of the entire plantar area
  • Back pain caused by poor posture
  • Generalized muscle and joint pain, including occasional episodes
  • Pain in both the legs and knees, as well as in the hips
  • Migraine episodes
  • Reduced mobility
  • Sinus pain
  • Abdominal discomfort

In all these cases, it is enough to simply insert the insoles inside the shoes to immediately notice a beneficial relief.

Benefits of using magnetic insoles

The use of magnetic insoles is particularly effective in solving the problems with joint and muscle pain. It is thanks to the particular conformation of the product that these benefits can be appreciated, we are talking about the flexibility of the materials, the possibility of customizing the size, the presence of a particular shock-absorbing gel and above all the presence of metal magnets that allow generating multiple health benefits.

What health results can be expected with magnetic reflex insoles? 

  • The back will enjoy a pleasant sensation of well-being and lightness
  • The posture will be straighter and more correct
  • You will experience a pleasant massage
  • You will feel the stress in the joints due to the stresses or vibrations generated during normal movements is reduced
  • Improved muscle and joint mobility
  • A significant reduction of pain in the back, legs but also in the arms
  • A general well-being of muscles and joints
  • Visible reduction of back and limb pains
  • A well-being of the whole foot, arch and back
  • Greater ease of movement in case of motor activity
  • Sense of lightness of the legs

To ensure all the above mentioned benefits, magnetic insoles should be worn regularly. 

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