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Shipping Policy

Complimentary Shipping  

We’re delighted to provide complimentary shipping for all our items, encompassing every aspect of the shipping process. There aren’t any hidden costs; the amount displayed on our site is all you’ll pay.

Processing of Orders  

Orders are typically handled and prepared within 2-3 working days after they’re placed. Kindly be aware that weekends and public holidays can influence this schedule. Should there be notable hold-ups, we’ll get in touch through email.

Projected Delivery Span  

Following the preparation of your order, the projected time for delivery ranges from 3 to 10 working days, based on your address. It’s essential to understand that these are approximations, and the actual delivery period might differ.

Revoking an Order  

Should you decide to revoke your order, you’re permitted to do so within a day of making the order. To revoke, kindly forward an email to [email protected], mentioning your order reference and the rationale behind the cancellation. Orders which have already been handled or dispatched are non-revocable.

Potential Delivery Hitches  

Should there be unexpected hitches or pauses with your shipment, rest assured that we’ll keep you informed promptly. Even though we endeavor to make deliveries punctual, unforeseeable situations like climatic conditions, issues related to carriers, or other external factors might affect the delivery schedule.

Tracking Your Order  

As soon as your items are dispatched, a confirmation email with the tracking details will be sent, enabling you to check your parcel’s status.

Packages: Damaged or Misplaced  

If you suspect that your parcel might be misplaced or suffered damages during transit, please reach out to our support team at once. We’ll delve into the situation and adopt suitable measures to address it.

Precision in Address

Do confirm that the delivery address submitted at the time of payment is precise and thorough. Ortorex isn’t accountable for parcels that reach incorrect locations due to errors from the buyer. In situations where parcels are sent back because of wrong addresses, resending might incur added shipping charges.

We appreciate your decision to choose Ortorex. For any queries or feedback concerning our shipping guidelines, our customer assistance team is always ready to assist.

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Medical Disclaimer

Individuals' medical conditions vary, and the use of our products is not guaranteed to be 100% effective for everyone.

If you're dealing with clinical disease or chronic pain, please consult with your physician for medical advice regarding your medical condition.

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